Steps to Semester Success

Ready to kick off your semester? OIT is here to help you use technology to prepare your courses.

Any courses you are assigned to teach in the Class Schedule will display for you in the Banner/myPNW Portal and in Brightspace. Confirm the courses you are teaching by looking up each course in the Class Schedule

I don’t see my course in Banner/myPNW.

  • Contact your department secretary to be added as the instructor of record from Banner/myPNW Portal.

I don’t see my course in Brightspace.

Brightspace receives registration information from Banner/myPNW. Courses are loaded into Banner/myPNW on the following schedule:

  • Spring courses—week before Thanksgiving
  • Summer courses—week of Spring break
  • Fall courses—week before Spring Finals week

Teaching online, face-to-face, virtual classroom, or hybrid?

Add the following links into your syllabus for student support:

Master Course Development

  • Leverage a Brightspace Master course for each course you are teaching. This private, nonacademic area, allows you to build modules, update material, test restrictions, and optimize navigation without any students enrolled. Then simply copy into your live academic course.
  • Need a master course? Email

Use a Course Template

  • Unsure how to structure your course content, and assessments in Brightspace? Consider copying a course template into your own course(s).
  • Step 1: Log into Brightspace and then complete this survey to “opt in” to copy sample modules.
  • Step 2: Then navigate to your “My Courses” widget and find the course called “PNW Sample Course Template” You will then be added to the course “shell” as an instructor with placeholder modules.
  • Step 3: Refer to this guide to learn how to copy the content out of this course space into your own area to re-purpose.

Add Student Technical Help Module

Consider leveraging the first day of class to watch the video together after you review your syllabus.

Course Copy

Add Demo Student to view as Learner

  • Once your content is populated in your academic course, view your course as a learner by leveraging a “Demo Student”. This fake student is unique to you and allows you to see your course as students see it, test your course before it goes live, take quizzes and view grades to make sure everything is configured correctly. Once the class starts, use the demo account to troubleshoot when things don’t behave as you expected.
  • NOTE: The demo student is associated with a single course course and must be created for every course separately. Refer to this guide for instructions.

Using a textbook?

The following textbook publishers will require a specific role in Brightspace in order for you to link your course with the publisher’s content. Please complete this survey if you will be using one of the following tools and OIT will reach back out to you once you have been given the role needed to integrate your course.Tools needing the LTI role:
  • Cengage
  • GoReact
  • Harvard Business Review/ Harvard Business Publishing Catalog
  • Macmillan -Tools
  • Pearson
  • MyLabs
  • Perusall
  • Vista Higher Learning (VHL)
  • WebAssign
  • W. W. Norton.

Ensure your instructor account and course(s) are accurately set up to function for the term.

Ensure your students are ready for a successful semester by sharing this Student Brightspace Help checklist.

Ensure FERPA certification is up to date

Need to add a TA, SI, or other support user to your course?

Brightspace communication tools

Communicate with your students about when your course is available, when grades are entered, or any pertinent course changes through email. Follow along with these guides to get started.

Using Zoom with your course?

Consider creating a “Zoom” module for your students to easily find your meeting links and joining information. You can simply add weblinks to each meeting from your Zoom account, or use the Brightspace-Zoom integration.

Need one-on-one assistance or further training for you or your students?

Connect with The Office of Instructional Technology

If you need further assistance, contact The OIT for support. Visit our main website for up to date hours of operation and ways to get in touch.

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