PNW COVID-19 Test Results Committee

August 10, 2020

A walkway on PNW's Hammond Campus with a "Power Onward" banner.

Being part of the PNW community means that each of us must take extraordinary steps to stay well and persistently protect each other, on campus and in the community.  Accountable together, we need to take responsibility for not only our own health, but also the protection of others to help keep the PNW community safe from the spread of COVID-19 and other infections as identified and instructed by the university.

Students who are unable to attend class due to a positive COVID test or COVID symptoms are strongly encouraged to contact Colin Fewer, Dean of Students, at Students are not required to inform instructors or classmates directly. The Office of the Dean of Students will make appropriate arrangements with instructors for students to make up class work.

PNW is following guidelines from the Indiana State Department of Health as to when a student, faculty or staff member can return to school after developing symptoms, receiving test results or coming into close contact with someone with confirmed COVID-19.  HIPAA guidelines will be followed in the use of protected health information.

Classroom Thresholds for Positive COVID-19 Cases

Class SizePositive CasesOutcome
Less than 25 studentsMore than 2 casesGo remote
26-35 studentsMore than 3 casesGo remote
36-45 studentsMore than 4 casesGo remote
46 or more studentsMore than 5 casesGo remote

*If at any time a faculty member feels uncomfortable at any level they can move their course to remote learning.

Test Results Committee

PNW has established a Test Results Committee to help manage COVID-19 exposure on our campus.  The committee is comprised of:

This committee will be the point of contact to report COVID-19 cases on our campus.

Reporting a Positive COVID-19 Test