Hospitality and Tourism Management, Concentration: Food and Beverage

Bachelor of Science

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Program Intro

Hospitality is the fastest growing business sector in the world. This program combines a strong liberal arts education with a focus on management skills for restaurants, hotels, theme parks and other places we enjoy food and beverages.

White Lodging School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

As a student in the HTM program, you’ll enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, outfitted with a fully functioning and professionally stocked restaurant, technology-rich computer labs and classrooms and a cutting-edge beverage lab and kitchen space.

Curriculum Overview

This interdisciplinary degree blends a solid business foundation with in-depth study of food and beverage management for the hospitality and tourism industry. You’ll explore principles that apply to recreation, private club administration, travel and tourism, event and conference planning, convention and visitors bureaus and more.

Kick off your journey with foundational courses in HTM, foods and sanitation.

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Sample Courses

  • HTM 10000 – Introduction To The Hospitality And Tourism Industry
  • HTM 19100 – Sanitation And Health In Foodservice, Lodging, And Tourism
  • FN 20300 – Foods Selection And Preparation

Progress in your studies with classes in accounting and management, as well as culinary-focused courses.

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Sample Courses

  • HTM 14100 – Financial Accounting For The Service Industries
  • HTM 18100 – Lodging Management
  • HTM 34100 – Cost Controls In Foodservice And Lodging

Explore marketing, human resources, foodservice and tourism.

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Sample Courses

  • HTM 31200 – Human Resources Management For The Service Industries
  • HTM 32200 – Hospitality Facilities Management
  • HTM 37100 – Introduction To Tourism

Finish strong with courses in food and beverage development, an experiential learning course, an internship and/or the electives of your choice.

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Sample Courses

  • HTM 30100 – Hospitality And Tourism Industry Practice
  • HTM 30200 – Hospitality And Tourism Industry Internship
  • HTM 39100 – Specialty Food Service And Catering


You’ll have the opportunity to work every job at The Restaurant at PNW, a functional learning restaurant that serves both lunch and dinner weekly. Our facilities also include a cutting-edge beverage lab where you will learn the fine art of making cocktails, brewing and wine tasting.

A lion sculpture on PNW's campus PNW graduates at commencement


Your knowledge of business principles and industry practices is coupled with practical, experiential learning about how to organize, supervise and manage employees, which will serve you very well in a dynamic, competitive industry.


Funding opportunities available to students include:

Beyond the Classroom

We encourage you to get involved in organizations and activities that supplement your educational experience, including the Hospitality and Tourism Management Club.

Career Paths

This degree prepares you for a number of careers in the field, including:

  • Restaurant manager
  • Kitchen manager
  • Beverage purchaser


Graduates of this program are employed in organizations and companies like:

  • White Lodging
  • Hilton
  • Disney


PNW’s Hospitality and Tourism Management programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA).

Meet the Faculty

Michele Lefebvre, M.M.

Visiting Clinical Instructor

Michele Lefebvre is a registered dietitian teaching essentials of nutrition. Her background and focus has been nutrition as it relates to food. In class, she combines scientific concepts of nutrition with food.

Geralyn Farley

Geralyn Farley, M.B.A.

Associate Professor

Geralyn Farley is an associate professor at the White Lodging School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Her main responsibility is helping students career dreams come true.

A PNW Student in the Classroom

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