Initial Course Participation

By certifying attendance of enrolled students at the start of the semester, Initial Course Participation ensures Purdue University Northwest meets the federal mandate on attendance for financial-aid purposes.

Faculty and instructors are required to certify attendance of all enrolled students listed on their official class rosters within the first three weeks of each semester. Initial course participation is available in Banner SSB in myPNW and must be completed by the end of the third week of classes.

Students planning to take eight-week courses during the second half of the semester must be enrolled in them by the end of the fourth week of the regular semester. Initial Course Participation (ICP) reporting for these courses should be completed by the end of the second week of the course.

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ICP User Guide

The Initial Course Participation (ICP) module in Banner SSB allows faculty and instructors to submit attendance information for their students during the first few weeks of classes.

The ICP system will allow you to indicate one of the following attendance statuses for each student:

  • Currently Attending (1.0)
  • Never Attended (0.0)
  • Stopped Attending (999.99) ** Requires a last date of attendance. **

1. Log into myPNW with your career account username and password (Purdue Login).

If you have questions or issues logging in, email or call (219) 989-2888.

2. Select Banner SSB in the Application Links box on the Faculty/Advisor tab.

3. Select the Faculty tab in the Main Menu. Initial Course Participation (ICP) will be the last item on the Faculty Menu.

4. On the Select a CRN screen, choose a CRN from the drop down list and click Submit.

5. After a CRN has been selected, the class roster will be displayed.

6. Update the attendance status for each student who stopped attending class or never attended class. If the status is changed to Stopped Attending, enter in the last date of attendance in MM/DD/YYYY format (e.g., 8/31/2023). If you do not select a status for a student, the default will be Currently Attending.

7. Once all attendance statuses are correct, click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

8. If there are additional courses to be reviewed, click on “Choose a Different Course Section” at the top of the page to select another CRN.

If a student has attended at least one class session OR submitted one academic-related activity (quiz, homework, sign-in sheet, etc.), they are considered to have commenced participation for that individual course.

Only students who have never attended at least one class or have never submitted an academic-related activity are reported by the professor as not participating in the course. Logging into Brightspace is not considered in determining ICP, but academic activity submitted within Brightspace is considered for ICP reporting.

Although courses reported as not attended through ICP will appear on the transcript as enrolled and will be billed by the Office of the Bursar, they cannot be considered as enrollment when adjusting financial aid. If a student withdraws from the University or individual courses after the fourth week of class, further adjustments may be made to financial aid.

Aid adjustments resulting from enrollment review cannot be reinstated for students who enroll in additional courses after the fourth week of class. Students who have remaining Stafford Loan eligibility, however, may continue to borrow.

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