Policies and Regulations

Students who enter institutions of higher education agree to know and abide by the rules of their institutions. Purdue University Northwest has several resources outlining policies and regulations affecting student classification, academic standing and registration.

Academic Catalog

The Academic Regulations section of the Academic Catalog addresses the following topics:

  • Academic standing
  • Grading scale
  • Incomplete grades
  • Student classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)

Review Academic Regulations

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook, published by the Office of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, offers guidance on:

  • Grade appeals process
  • Honor code

See the Student Handbook

Student Holds

A hold refers to the restriction of a student’s eligibility to enroll in classes, change their curriculum or obtain academic transcripts at Purdue University. Holds can result from a variety of situations, including but not limited to:

  • Nonpayment of tuition and fees, library fines, parking tickets, and/or residence hall bills
  • Disciplinary action taken by the Office of the Dean of Students
  • Poor scholastic performance
  • Respect Boundaries online program
    New students must complete this requirement before registering for their second semester.

If your record is placed on hold for financial reasons, you can’t register for future courses or obtain copies of your transcript until your financial obligation is settled and the hold is removed. To remove a financial hold, contact the Bursar’s Office.

If you are dismissed from Purdue for scholastic reasons (academic drop) or suspended for disciplinary reasons, a hold will be placed on your record to prevent future registrations. You will still be able to request academic transcripts. This hold will remain in effect until such time as you are officially readmitted by the Committee on Scholastic Delinquencies and Readmissions or until the suspension is removed by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Student Athletes

If you are a student athlete, you have a registration hold that will need to be temporarily lifted to allow course registration or to withdraw from a course. Student athletes must maintain a full-time status (12 credit hours or more) or risk ineligibility. For questions about athletic eligibility and holds, contact the Athletics Department at (219) 989-2540.

If you are in hold status and would like to verify the hold, you can do so through myPNW. For further information, contact the Office of the Registrar.