How to Register for Classes Online

Step by Step Instructions

Please note: The recommended browsers for web registration are Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Step 1 – Login to the myPNW Portal

Log into the myPNW portal using your username and BoilerKey two-factor authentification.

  • Type in Username:  (Career Account)
  • Type in BoilerKey:   (numeric)

Step 2 – Register for the Classes You Need

The classes will depend on your Plan of Study.

  • Select the Registration tab.
  • Click on Register for Classes. (Formerly – Add/Drop Classes)
  • Select the appropriate term (semester) that you wish to register for.  (If Study Path is displayed, choose None and click Continue.)
    • If you are registering during your Registration time, you can begin to add classes.
  • A registration screen with three panels will display.  The top panel will allow you to search for classes or enter CRNs (Course Registration Numbers).  The bottom left panel is a weekly schedule view and the lower right is a course summary area.  The two bottom panels will populate as you add classes.
    • Use the navigation buttons in the middle of the screen to adjust the size of all three panels.
  • In the Find Classes section, look up classes if you don’t know the CRN’s. Then click Add when you find the sections you want.
    • Use this table to find your preferred course format in the online schedule of classes.  PNW offers four modes of instruction to support an engaging learning environment while allowing for proper social distancing.
    •  100% OnlineVirtual ClassroomHybridFace-to-Face
      How to Identify Courses of This Type"Distance Learning" as the "Schedule" Type" and no content in the "Meeting Times" column.Course meeting days and times but with "Off Campus Virtual Class" as the location.Two entries in the "Meeting Times" column: one with meeting day and time, building and room number; the second entry may be "blank" (for online component) or “virtual class” with meeting day and time (for a scheduled online component).Course meeting days and times with building and room number.
      How to Find Courses of This TypeFilter search by selecting "Instructional Method: Online: Fully Remote."Filter search by selecting "Instructional Method: Virtual Classroom: Live LEC."Filter search by selecting "Instructional Method: Hybrid: On-Campus + Online."Filter search by selecting "Instructional Method: Face-to-Face: In-Person."
    • You can filter your search by campus, subject and course numbers, and instructional method.  Use Advanced Search to see more filters like instructor, attributes, and course days and times.
    • If you already have the CRN’s, click on the Enter CRNs tab. After entering all the numbers, click Add to Summary.
  • Courses will show up in gray in the Schedule and Summary areas as “Pending”.  NOTE:  “Pending” does not hold your seat in a class.
  • Click on Submit to complete the course registration process.  When you click Submit, courses will change from Pending to Registered.
    • If there are time conflicts or prerequisite issues, you will not be registered in those courses and an error message will display.  In the case of time conflicts, select other sections.  For other errors such as prerequisites or class restrictions, contact your academic advisor.

Step 3 – Review Your Completed Class Schedule

After you have registered for your classes,

  • If you would like to print your schedule while in the Register for Classes area, click on Schedule and Options tab and select the print icon.
  • You can also select View Your Schedule or View Your Concise Schedule in the Registration Shortcuts box on the Registration tab to access your schedule.
  • As room numbers may change, check your schedule again just prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure you know where you need to be on the first day of class.

You’re done!

Any questions or issues about course selection and planning, contact your advisor!