Internal Funding Opportunities

The Office of Commercialization and Research provides funding for research in collaboration with each academic college.  If you are interested in the opportunities and the application process, please contact your college Dean.

Information for Internal Award Recipients

Prior to the start of the project, you will receive an account number from the Office of Research. This number will be shared with your business office manager, as well as your department administration. You will charge this account for all your project expenses.  Faculty member identified as the project lead (PI) is the authorized funding administrator, meaning that that he/she is responsible for budget management. You can always view your account balance by visiting the GM AIMS faculty portal (log in with Purdue Login) and selecting “Summarized Account View.”

Please note that all project team members must complete RCR training in order to receive funding.  Please reference the Regulatory Requirements section below for more information.

If a faculty member becomes aware that he or she will leave Purdue and cannot meet the requirements of the grant, they are obligated to report this information to the Office of Research immediately and cancel the grant.

You may use the grant funds for any expenses that directly support your project.  You may not use the grant funds to support expenses that have no benefit to the project.  Please follow PNW’s procurement processes for all purchases.  You may need to work with your department’s administrative assistant to process expenses.  For any salary charges (academic year or summer), please work with your Department Chair, Administrative Assistant, and the Business Office.  Fringe benefits and fee remission will be charged directly to the internal grant.

  • Internal grant charges do not have to be reviewed or approved by the Office of Research staff.
  • You can always view your account balance by visiting the GM AIMS faculty portal (log in with Purdue Login) and selecting “Summarized Account View.”
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Information from progress and final reports will allow us to assess the effectiveness of the internal grant programs and continue these programs in the future.  In addition, submitting a final project report allows the PI to close out the grant and apply for additional funding.  Reports are submitted by filling out a survey.  You may complete the survey at any time you have information to report.

To complete your mid-project and final reports, please log in to InfoReady and go to  PROGRESS REPORTS tab.

Prior to starting your project, all project team members, including students, must be up to date with the Responsible Conduct of Research requirements.  In addition, all regulatory approvals must be secured.  Any new staff/students who join the team after the project starts must complete the RCR training within 30 days.