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By scheduling testing with the Testing Center, PNW faculty can take advantage of our expert, secure services while making the most of valuable classroom time.

The Testing Centers use RegisterBlast for all exam requests and student scheduling. RegisterBlast is a tool to help manage exams, schedules and seats.

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*Follow the survey and provide any information and instructions needed for the exam. Testing center staff will confirm when your exam request is available for student registration.



  • More than 90 seats available at centers in Westville and Hammond
  • Exams can be scheduled on a specific day or time or over multiple days during our business hours
  • Students IDs required for all tests
  • Full-time and part-time proctors are available to ensure students have only allowable items during testing
  • Cameras and screen-monitoring software in use at each location. Cheating of any kind will be documented and reported.
  • Over 2000 tests administered and proctored between campuses

What to Share with Students

For more information regarding RegisterBlast, please click here or contact one of our testing locations.

The Hammond testing center is pictured.

Faculty Policies

Explore the policies that apply to anyone scheduling exams in the testing centers at Hammond or Westville.

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See a step-by-step guide on how to log-in for a faculty exam.

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