From placement tests to make-up exams, explore the range of services offered at PNW’s Testing Services Centers.

Placement Tests

Purdue Northwest offers placement in English, math and foreign languages (Spanish, French and German). Necessary placement tests should be completed prior to New Student Orientation to ensure correct placement for math or foreign language.

English placement must be taken in a PNW Testing Services Center. Please report with picture identification and your Purdue University ID number. Students must arrive before 2 p.m. to test.

Math placement can be completed online using the ALEKS link under the “Newly Admitted” tab in the MyPNW portal. Only some students are required to take the ALEKS math placement exam.

Cost for ALEKS is $25, and the subscription includes three attempts at the test as well as learning modules.

  • Please see the table below to determine appropriate placement based on SAT Math, ACT Math or ALEKS scores.
  • If you have an SAT Math score of at least 490 or an ACT Math score of at least 18 (within the last three years), you do NOT need to take ALEKS in order to register for a math class.
  • If your SAT Math score is below 490 or your ACT Math score is below 18 (or is older than three years), you WILL need to take ALEKS to be placed in the appropriate math class.
  • If you do not agree with your math placement based on SAT/ACT math scores, you may take ALEKS to try to place into a different course.
  • If you need or want to take ALEKS to register for a math course, please complete ALEKS prior to your new student orientation.
CourseDescriptionSAT MathACT MathALEKS Score

MA 11500
Intermediate Algebra49018>=40%
MA 13700Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I52020>=50%
MA 14700Algebra & Trigonometry for Technology I52020>=50%
MA 14800Algebra & Trigonometry for Technology II56023>=60%
MA 15300College Algebra52020>=50%
MA 15400Algebra & Trigonometry  II56023>=60% and MA 15300 Credit
MA 15900Pre-Calculus56023>=60%
MA 16300Integrated Calculus & Analytic Geometry I66028>=85%
MA 16019Calculus for Technology I61026>=75%
MA 16031Introductory Analysis I61026>=75%
MA 15910Calculus for Business & Economics I56023>=60%

Foreign language placement is required for all students who need or want to take a foreign language course.

  • For a $10 fee, placement for Spanish, German and French can be completed online using the WebCAPE link under the “Newly Admitted” or “Registration” tabs in the MyPNW portal.
  • Placement for Japanese can be completed in the Testing Services Centers .
  • Your test score will determine placement. Upon completion, student must contact the Foreign Languages Department for the credits to be applied: CLO 313 or (219) 989-2632.
  • Student are then required to take and successfully pass a higher-level course in the same language.
  • WebCAPE cannot be taken once a student has registered for and attended two weeks of a foreign language course.

Spanish Placement

Course NumberTest Score Cutoff
SP 101000-149
SP 10200150-299
SP 20100300-424
SP 20200425+

German Placement

Course NumberTest Score Cutoff
GER 101000-149
GER 10200150-299
GER 20100300-424
GER 20200425+

French Placement

Course NumberTest Score Cutoff
FR 101000-149
FR 10200150-299
FR 20100300-424
FR 20200425+
  • Retest for English placement test is allowed ONLY by signed authorization from department head.
  • Foreign language placement can be completed one time only for each language.
  • A student may purchase a second set of the ALEKS placement exam (resubscription) ONLY with the approval of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science for a $25.00 fee for two more attempts.

Proctored Tests/Makeup Tests

We are happy to proctor makeup exams for PNW students. If you’ll need to miss an exam due to extenuating circumstances, please discuss the option of a makeup exam in advance with your instructor, and we will proctor the exam with their approval. We can proctor both computer-based and paper-pencil exams and there is no cost to you.

It’s important you speak directly with your course instructor ahead of time for approval of makeup testing. Once we have their approval, we’ll work with your instructor to get all exam materials and instructions.


  • Appointments are required. Fill out the Proctor Request Form and then call or email our Hammond or Westville locations to schedule your exam.
  • Students must notify their institution that they want to take a proctored exam at PNW. Some institutions require a form to be completed by the proctor; others require web registration.
  • We will contact your college/university, professor or placement testing office to complete their specific proctor-assignment process.
  • Photo ID is required at the time of the exam


  • There is a $25.00 charge per exam for non-Purdue students, due via cash or check form. (Purdue students include students enrolled at PNW, PFW, IUPUI, Purdue Global and Purdue West Lafayette).
  • All fees for proctored testing can be paid on your test date. Visit us to receive a test payment form. A receipt will be attached to your form upon payment.

Institutional Testing

We offer a number of institutional tests, either for entrance to PNW or to help you along the way to graduation.

We offers the ACT Residual to individuals applying to PNW. Test scores are used by Purdue Northwest ONLY and are not retained for future reporting to other institutions.

Testing Details

  • Registration is required in advance.
  • The cost is $60, paid via cash or check form.
  • The approximate testing time is approximately four hours.
  • What to bring to the testing site:
  • Payment Receipt from Student Accounts, Lawshe Hall, Room 130.
  • Photo Identification – A driver’s license or school ID will suffice. The ID provided must have a picture. If you do not have a driver’s license or school ID, you can obtain a photo ID card from the Indiana License Bureau. Individuals without ID cannot test.
  • Calculators are permitted for the ACT Residual but not required. The following are prohibited: laptops, minicomputers, electronic writing pads or pen-input devices, pocket organizers, devices with QWERTY keyboards, paper-tape printers, talking or electric plug calculators. The Testing Services Center cannot provide a calculator.
  • For a sample study guide, visit

Special Accommodations

If you need special accommodations, please contact the Disability Access Center at least ten days prior to testing.The Testing Services Center must receive an approved accommodation letter from the Disability Access Center prior to testing.

CLEP exams evaluate non-traditional college-level education, such as independent study, correspondence work, experiential learning or credit earned at a non-regionally accredited institution. If successfully passed, this 90-minute, computerized exam allows students to receive college credit in a particular course.

CLEP credit may be established by taking the subject matter examinations shown and having an official score report sent with the qualifying exam and score to the Office of Admissions. See a complete listing of CLEP Scores/Equivalencies.


  • The fee for all CLEP exams is $89, paid to College Board upon registration. Remember to bring your CLEP Registration Ticket on the day of the exam
  • There is also a separate $25 non-refundable service fee in cash or check form

Learn more about CLEP

Register for an Exam


Any questions regarding My Account or the CLEP Exam Registration Ticket can be referred to CLEP Services at (800) 257-9558, (609) 771-7865, or

Test Out: CIS 20400 and ISM 10200

Purdue Northwest offers students the opportunity to test out of either CIS 20400 or ISM 10200 by passing a five-part test given at the Testing Services Centers.


The exams include a multiple choice concepts exam, along with four capstone projects in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint 2016. All five sections of the test must be completed within 210 minutes (three and one-half hours) with a passing score of 70%+.

The test-out exams are available only during specified windows, generally the two weeks prior to each semester start. Cost of the exam is $20.00.

For more information, contact your advisor or email the Testing Services Center at

Additional Testing

The Purdue University Northwest Hammond campus testing center is a certified test center for many types of exams. We can administer PROV, Castle Worldwide/ACE, OPI language and ServSafe exams. All registrations for these types of exams is completed with the respective testing companies.


“Reasonable accommodations” are available (in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act). Students should contact the Office of Disability Services to make proper arrangements at (219) 989-2455 or

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COVID-19 Policies

As we respond to COVID-19, the Testing Center at Purdue University Northwest has adjusted our hours and policies for testing.

See the Testing Guidelines