Checking for Required Documents

Use the tutorial below to assist you with checking for required documents needed to complete your financial aid file.

  • Login to Student Self-Service through the myPNW portal
  • On the Dashboard locate the widget titled Financial Aid
  • Click on ‘Go to Awards and Information’
  • Make sure you are in the correct aid year (see Aid Year on the upper right). If necessary, select the applicable aid year.
  • Student Requirements will be displayed. Unsatisfied Requirements are items still needed or items to be completed by you.
  • Check the Requirement column to see a description of the items needed
  • A requirement item appearing in blue is a link which will take you to:
    • Another website for action or
    • A form you can print, complete and return to the Office of Financial Aid
  • Check for financial aid messages in the Notifications tab
    • Review your messages

Note: You are strongly encouraged to check Student Self-Service daily to watch for any changes to your financial aid. Also check your campus email for important correspondence from the Office of Financial Aid.