Thank-an-Educator Program

PNW students, take some time to thank an educator!

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If an educator* at PNW facilitated an unforgettable learning experience, take a moment and let them know. Thank PNW educators who have:

  • engaged you in your learning
  • made going to class worthwhile
  • created an inclusive and supportive learning environment
  • taught you in innovative ways
  • challenged you to excel inside and outside of the classroom
  • inspired you to learn more and pursue your goals
  • helped you overcome a difficulty or challenging learning experience
  • made you feel included and supported in your class or major

How it works:

  • Compose your note using the online submission form linked above.
  • You will need to know your educator’s first and last name as well as their PNW email address.
  • Share any details you can to help your educator know why you are so thankful.
  • You can choose to include your name or remain anonymous.
  • The PNW Center for Faculty Excellence will send your note and small gift to the educator.

Please email the Center for Faculty Excellence with any questions.

* An educator can be a person who has supported your educational journey. This may be an instructor, but it is likely that many others have impacted your educational journey at PNW. We encourage and invite you to thank those who have had the biggest impact on you.