General Institution Information for PNW

PNW Admissions Information and Resources

Undergraduate Admission

Source: Office of Admissions

Graduate School

Source: Graduate Studies
Phone: 1-855-608-4600

Accreditation and Assessment

Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Phone: 1-855-608-4600
E-mail Address

Accountability for Programs that Prepare Teachers

Source: School of Education
Phone: 1-855-608-4600

University Refund Policy and Summary of Requirements for the Return of Federal Student Aid

Source: Bursar’s Office
Phone: 1-855-608-4600
Bursar Email Address

Requirements for Officially Withdrawing from Purdue University Northwest

Students must complete a drop card approved by an Academic Advisor and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. Click on the link below for additional information.

Source: Registrar’s Office
Phone: 1-855-608-4600
Registrar’s Email Address

Institutional Policy on Vaccinations

Source: Office of Admissions
Phone: 1-855-608-4600

University Policies, Procedures and Regulations on Copyright

Source: Information Services
Phone: 1-855-608-4600
Customer Service Desk Email

Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Veterans and Service Members

Source: Veterans Services
Phone: 1-855-608-4600

Student Resources and Code of Conduct

Source: Dean of Students Office
Phone: 1-855-608-4600

Information Security Program


Campus Safety Information

Additional Information