A PNW graduate student outdoors.

Graduate Studies

At PNW, a doctoral-granting institution, graduate programs are flexible and rigorous. We offer high-quality education at cost-effective rates while providing intimate class sizes and expansive opportunities.

Daniel Appiah Gyekye

When I came to Purdue Northwest, I was able to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I learned a lot about leadership and the procedures of administration.

Graduate Samuel Arjona is pictured.

PNW gave me the fundamentals for my career, and I feel very confident about my capabilities now.

David Richter is pictured.

I wanted to go to a smaller school because professors will actually know who I am. I will be David, the guy who sits on the right, not just one person in a class of 250.

I have all the faith that I was given a superior education at Purdue Northwest’s CFT Program. I didn’t know it at the time, but a small cohort size is a huge asset in a graduate program. I felt challenged and supported by supervisors who knew me well and had the time to mold me into the therapist, researcher and person I am today.

Mary Kate Shannon
Couple and Family Therapy

PNW Alum Hugo Cedeno

PNW prepared me not only for my doctoral studies but also for my future career in the industry. I developed research skills and improved my ability to solve realistic problems that are faced by engineers and managers in the industry.

Hugo Cedeno
Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Computational Science, Fall ’20

I’ve had an opportunity to meet people from different industries and backgrounds. And I’ve learned from every single one of them. I find that I’m a better student and a better employee because of that experience.

Amanda Trinidad, Executive MBA | Chicago, IL


PNW graduate students on during a commencement ceremony. They are wearing their commencement regalia.

Graduate Admissions

Learn everything you need to know about applying to PNW graduate programs.

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Opportunities for Support

Financial aid isn’t just for undergraduates. Learn more about our scholarships, staff positions and research grants.

Students sit in class. The student in thr front is in a black t-shirt and has an open MacBook in front of them. The student in the back is wearing a red t-shirt and white baseball cap. They also have an open laptop in front of them.

Graduate Costs

Explore the cost of your PNW education, including personalized tools to help you estimate your costs.

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International Students

Explore details for international students as you take the step to join our vibrant, diverse community.

Jun 07

Summer Classes: 1st 4-Week Module Ends

Don’t forget to mark your calendars. The first module of summer classes end Friday, June 7.

Jun 10

8 Week Module and Second 4 Week Module Begins

The 8 week and second 4 week modules begin Monday, June 10.

Jun 12

Graduate School – May 2024 Candidates – Graduate Candidacy Deadline

Graduate students need to confirm their intent to graduate with their department no later than Wednesday, June 12, 2024. This can be done with a simple mail to your department or to the Graduate Studies Office.

Jun 14

Graduate Students – August 2024 Candidates – Plan of Study Deadline

Graduate students that plan on graduating in August 2024 must have their plan of study received by the Graduate Studies Office no later than Friday, May 14, 2024.