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Find information about course registration, enrollment, academic standing and graduation.

Registration, Adding or Dropping Classes

You can register for classes by logging into myPNW and clicking either “Register Now” or “Register for Classes” on the Registration tab. To stay on track for graduation, you’re encouraged to take 15 credits a semester and consult your academic adviser regarding course selection.

Note: Freshman and students with PIN numbers on their accounts will have to meet with their adviser during the registration period to get PINs before they can register for classes.

See How to Register for Classes Online

Priority Registration applies to Fall and Spring semesters – but not Summer sessions – and is a designated time when registration first opens up that students can begin registering for classes based on their classification of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior.

To find the earliest date and time you can begin registering for a Fall or Spring semester check your Registration Status in myPNW under the Registration tab.

Priority Registration generally follows this order:

  • First group – Graduate Students, Undergraduate Seniors, Honors College Students, Veterans, and Student Athletes
  • Second group – Undergraduate Juniors
  • Third group – Undergraduate Sophomores
  • Fourth group – Undergraduate Freshmen
  • Final group – All Students

Class schedules are typically published online two weeks prior to the first day of registration for upcoming semesters. Review the schedule so you can register promptly and get the class days and times that will work best for you. Some courses fill quickly!

PNW offers four modes of instruction to support an engaging learning environment while allowing for proper social distancing. Use this table to find your preferred course format in the online schedule of classes.

 100% OnlineVirtual ClassroomHybridFace-to-Face
How to Identify Courses of This Type"Distance Learning" as the "Schedule" Type" and no content in the "Meeting Times" column.Course meeting days and times but with "Off Campus Virtual Class" as the location.Two entries in the "Meeting Times" column: one with meeting day and time, building and room number; the second entry may be "blank" (for online component) or “virtual class” with meeting day and time (for a scheduled online component).Course meeting days and times with building and room number.
How to Find Courses of This TypeFilter search by selecting "Instructional Method: Online: Fully Remote."Filter search by selecting "Instructional Method: Virtual Classroom: Live LEC."Filter search by selecting "Instructional Method: Hybrid: On-Campus + Online."Filter search by selecting "Instructional Method: Face-to-Face: In-Person."

You can view your class schedule in the Registration tab in myPNW as soon as you are registered for a course. However, rooms are subject to change. For this reason you should check your schedule just prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure you know where you need to be on the first day of class. Click “View Your Schedule” in the Registration Shortcuts box.

  • Holds: Holds on your account may prevent registration, and you will need to take care of any financial obligations or other circumstances (like Respect Boundaries) resulting in a hold before registering for classes. Student athletes have registration holds that need to be temporarily removed for course registration or to withdraw from a course. Student athletes must maintain a full-time status (12 credit hours or more) or risk ineligibility. For questions about Athletic Eligibility contact the Athletics Department at (219) 989-2540.
  • Closed Classes: If you find a class is full, the department head must supply a signed extension form giving permission to override the limit set by the department.
  • Restrictions: Certain course restrictions, such as time conflicts, pre / co-requisites, major or level restrictions, may also prevent registration and may require signature approval by the academic advisor in order to be processed by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Time Conflicts: When registering for courses, the system will not let you enroll in courses that meet in whole or in part during the same time frame. Review the course schedule and select a different section to continue registering.

You will need to submit a completed Drop/Add Card to the Registrar’s Office. If it is after late registration (the first week of classes), you will need additional signatures to add a course to your schedule.

Click here for a PDF of the Drop/Add Card

After the first week of classes, you should always get your adviser’s signature. After the fourth week of the semester, if you are above a freshman status (having completed 30 credit hours or more), you should also get your instructor’s signature and the instructor’s indication of a “W” or “WF” grade.

You will need to come in and pick up a Request to Withdraw From All Classes from the Registrar’s Office. Dropping all courses is a serious matter; as a result, this form will need approval by multiple areas. After the form is completed and approved you will be provided a copy for your records. This form is only available in person.

Note to Military Personnel: Students called to active military service who are unable to complete the semester and need to withdraw from classes should contact the Veteran Affairs Coordinator at (219) 989-1109 at the Hammond Campus or at (219) 785-5342 at the Westville Campus. A copy of your military orders along with a power of attorney is required.

Perhaps. There are many factors to be considered regarding refunds. Please see the refund schedule for details. You may contact the Bursar’s Office at (219) 989-2560 in Hammond or (219) 785-5338 in Westville with questions regarding refunds of tuition and fees.

First, let us take this opportunity to thank you for your service. Information on what steps you will need to take to use your VA education benefits can be found on the Veterans Enrollment Certification web page.

Enrollment and Academic Standing

You may complete the Request for Enrollment Verification online. If you have an external form that you need completed as part of the enrollment verification, please attach the form to your request. Enrollment verification request forms are also available to fill out in person in the Enrollment Services Center in Lawshe Hall, Room 130 (Hammond) or Schwarz Hall, Room 40 (Westville).

Enrollment verifications can be picked up after 10 a.m. on the next business day. Verifications will be mailed out to students ONLY if they provide a self-addressed envelope.

For further information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (219) 989-2210.

The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. Under the purview of FERPA, the institution is required to safeguard your academic record. This means that we cannot share it with a third party without your consent.

In some cases it may be necessary or prudent for you to have a third-party representative able to communicate with us on your behalf. PNW has instituted proxy access to allow a student to grant access to their information to a third party (parent, spouse, SSDP, etc.).

Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 semester and cumulative GPA to remain in good academic standing. A student will be placed on academic probation if either semester or cumulative GPA at the end of any fall or spring semester is less than 2.0.

Refer to the Academic Regulations section of the Academic Catalog for more information.

To see your academic standing, log into myPNW and click View Student Profile in the Academics Shortcut box on the Academic tab. Academic standing is displayed above the Student Information area along with your overall hours earned and GPA.

Grade Scale

Instructors have the option of assigning plus/minus letter grades. Quality points are allocated to each recorded grade according to the following scale:

LetterGrade Points
A+, A4.0 grade points per semester hour
A-3.7 grade points per semester hour
B+3.3 grade points per semester hour
B3.0 grade points per semester hour
B-2.7 grade points per semester hour
C+2.3 grade points per semester hour
C2.0 grade points per semester hour
C-1.7 grade points per semester hour
D+1.3 grade points per semester hour
D1.0 grade points per semester hour
D-0.7 grade points per semester hour
F0.0 grade points per semester hour

Instructors have autonomy in determining the grading scale they wish to use for their courses.

Points assigned to letter grades and their associated credit hours are used to calculate your GPA. Below are the formulas for calculating a semester and cumulative GPA.

Semester Grade Point Average

To determine your semester grade point average, you will need to determine the total number of semester points earned and the total credit hours attempted.

Semester Grade Points/Semester Credits Attempted = Semester GPA

Semester GPA Calculation Example:

  • SOC 10000

3 credit hour course with a grade of A. 3 credits × 4.0 points = 12.0 grade points

  • CHM 11500

4 credit hour course with a grade of C+. 4 credits × 2.3 points = 9.2 grade points

GPA Calculation: 21.2 total semester grade points / 7 credit hours = 3.03 Semester GPA

Cumulative Grade Point Average

To determine your cumulative grade point average, you will need to determine the number of total grade points you have earned and the total credit hours you have attempted beginning with your first semester of attendance.

Total Grade Points / Total Credits Attempted = Cumulative GPA

To remain in good academic standing, maintain at least a 2.0 GPA. If you have questions about how to improve your GPA, speak with your academic adviser.

Once you have been academically dismissed from a Purdue campus, you must wait one full fall or spring semester before you can be readmitted. If it is your second time being dismissed, you must wait one calendar year. In either case, you will need to fill out an Application for Readmission and submit it to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline for the session you are trying to be readmitted. Currently the Readmission Application Fee is $100 (subject to change). You will also need to do a financial aid appeal, as being academically dismissed makes you ineligible for financial aid. This application is only available in person.


You are encouraged to meet with your academic adviser to review your program requirements. If you believe you are a candidate for graduation, submit your Intent to Graduate form when you register for your final courses. See the Commencement Pre-Graduation Guide for more details about declaring your intent to graduate, critical deadlines, Grad Expos and participating in a commencement ceremony.

The Intent to Graduate form must be submitted whether or not you plan on participating in commencement.

If you have declared yourself a degree candidate and it is determined you have not met all of your requirements, you will receive a letter from the Office of the Registrar notifying you that you are not eligible to graduate. You will only be notified if you lack requirements for graduation. Please be aware that you will need to submit another Intent to Graduate form for the semester in which you will complete your degree requirements.

The diplomas will indicate the degree is awarded at Purdue Northwest in the state of Indiana. See the diploma page for dates diplomas are distributed and how to order a replacement, if needed.

Transcripts may be ordered in person or via an online system. They are provided free of charge. See the transcripts page for more information about ordering your transcripts.

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