Viewing and Accepting Awards

Use the tutorial below to assist you with viewing and accepting your financial aid awards in Student Self-Service.

Helpful Information:

  • You may accept or decline loans offered to you
  • Accept your Federal Direct Subsidized loan first if offered to you, it has more favorable terms
  • The loan amount you accept, will be split into two payments; a fall payment and spring payment for a fall and spring loan (i.e. if you accept $3,000, you will receive $1,500 for fall and $1,500 for spring minus the loan origination fees)
  • Review Federal Direct Loans for additional information
  • Use Student Self-Service to see the amount of tuition and fee charges you owe for the semester
  • If you have not already done so, complete your Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling (required for a Federal Direct Loan)


  • Login to Student Self-Service through the myPNW portal
  • Click on the Financial Aid tab
  • Click on the Awards for Aid Year (Fall, Spring, Summer) link under Financial Aid Awards in the Financial Aid Shortcuts section
  • Select the correct aid year from the drop down list, and then click the Submit button
  • Click the Award Overview tab
    • Information regarding your financial aid will be displayed
    • Clicking on a Financial Aid Award Fund that is highlighted opens a pop-up window displaying additional information about that award
  • Click the Resources/Additional Information tab
    • Additional Information may be requested or required. Use the drop down box to provide a response to each question
    • Additional Resource Information should be provided if you will be receiving any additional resources (i.e. private scholarships) that are not currently listed as one of your awards. Provide the name of the resource, select the term you will be receiving the award, and enter the amount you will be receiving for that term.
  • Click the Submit Information button
  • Click on the Terms and Conditions tab
    • Read the terms and conditions, and click the Accept button
  • Click the Accept Award Offer tab
    • Use the drop down box to Accept or Decline an Award. If you wish to accept part of an award, enter the amount you wish to accept in the Accept Partial Amount box
  • Click on the Submit Decision button
  • Complete all items included in the Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements and review your messages