Resolutions & Meeting Minutes – September 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

SGA Senate Meeting Minutes

Fifth Session

Date: 9/1/20

I. Call to Order, Roll Call

MemberRoll CallMemberRoll Call
President Oriana WhitePresentCOB Hammond Senator Matthew ZipkoPresent
Vice President Megan SiminskiPresentCES Hammond Senator Brendan Rathbone-DeschPresent
Chief of Staff Raven ChantPresentCES Westville Senator Mya MethnerPresent
Chief Financial Officer Tyler KlukkenPresentCHESS Hammond SenatorAbsent
Faculty Advisor Dr. Richard RuppPresentCHESS Westville Senator Caitlyn KalisikPresent
CON Hammond Senator Brynn NicholPresent
CON Westville Senator Jasmine RomanPresent
COT Hammond SenatorAbsent
COT Westville SenatorAbsent
Honors Hammond Senator Megan GranadosPresent
Honors Westville Senator Kayla VasilkoPresent

II. Approval of the Agenda

a. Motion: Senator Nichol

b. Second: Senator Vasilko

c. Measure: pass; added 2 items to the agenda

III. Executive Board (2 minutes per)

a. Oriana White-President

i. Outreach hours

1. Anything that is reflects SGA’s purposes

b. Megan Siminski-Vice President

i. Dean meetings

1. Offer: CC Dr. Rupp in emails

c. Raven Chant- Chief of Staff

i. Represent SGA professionally when attending PNW or student organizations

ii. Send Raven your bio for website

1. Will be updating the SGA website this week

d. Tyler Klukken-Chief Financial Officer

i. Forms will be coming soon; hopefully next week

ii. Outreach hours in SGA Shared folder; everyone has their own tab

iii. Meeting with Marty Denkhoff for the SGA budget this week

e. Dr. Richard Rupp-Advisor

i. Leadership Institute is interested in doing a workshop for SGA

IV. Voting Procedure (5 minutes)

a. Robert’s Rules example

V. President Pro Temp (15 minutes)

a. Discussion

b. Nomination: Brynn Nichol

i. Motion: Senator Valsiko

ii. Second: Senator Rathbone-Desch

iii. Measure: pass

c. Nomination: Matt Zipko

i. Motion: Senator Vasilko

ii. Second: Senator Nichol

iii. Measure: fail

VI. Resolution How – To (5 minutes)

VII. Added Business/Concerns (5 minutes per)

a. Voter Registration Event

i. September 21 – 25

ii. Tabling:

1. Tabling Schedule:

a. Mon/Tues Hammond, Wed/Thurs Westville?

b. Mon/Wed Hammond, Tues/Thurs Westville?

2. Are Senators able to help? (OUTREACH HOURS!)

a. Mya, Brendan, Brynn, Jasmine; maybe Megan

b. Google sheet for tabling; Senators will fill in availability

b. Resolution 20-08: S.T.A.R (support, thanks, appreciation, & Remembrance) Walk 2020

i. Presentation & Discussion

ii. Vote

1. Motion: Senator Nichol

2. Second: Senator Granados

3. Measure: pass

Yay Nay Obtain

  • COB Hammond Senator Matthew Zipko -Yay
  • COB Westville Senator – Null
  • CFO Tyler Klukken – Null
  • CES Hammond Senator Brendan Rathbone-Desch -Yay
  • CES Westville Senator Mya Methner -Yay
  • CHESS Hammond Senator – Null
  • CHESS Westville Senator Caitlyn Kalisik
  • CON Hammond Senator Brynn Nichol -Yay
  • CON Westville Senator Jasmine Roman -Yay
  • COT Hammond Senator – Null
  • COT Westville Senator – Null
  • Honors Hammond Senator Megan Granados -Yay
  • Honors Westville Senator Kayla Vasilko -Yay

VIII. Open Comments from Student Senate (Morgan’s Minute)

a. Consolidate emails inquiry

IX. Open Comments from the Student Body (5 minutes per)

X. Meeting Adjourned

a. Motion: Senator Vasilko

b. Second: Senator Granados

c. Measure: pass