Things to Do On Campus

Looking for things to do outside of classes? Purdue University Northwest has everything you need to make your college experience unforgettable!

Discover the best activities that PNW has to offer!

A student works on a baja racing car

Students in PNW’s Baja SAE Collegiate Design Competition design, build, test, promote and race an off-road vehicle in a competition with hundreds of schools across the country.

Get Involved with Student Organizations!

Do you want to get involved with sustainability initiatives on campus? Do you love being in the spotlight? Or is Baja Racing more of your passion?

Whatever your interests are, PNW’s student organizations have something for you! Not seeing a student org for you? Start your own!

Explore Student Orgs in MyPNWLife

My favorite activities are the Welcome Fair each year, the Roaring Loud concerts, and the variety of different club events.

Cameron Freitag, Nursing, ’25

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Students gather during Roaring Loud

Roaring Loud is one of our many “can’t miss” student events!

Add Excitement to Your Calendar with Student Life!

From welcome week to end-of-semester celebrations, the Office of Student Life has you covered with events almost every week on both campuses!

Pumpkin tosses, game nights, cultural celebrations, pancake study breaks and more fill up PNW’s jam-packed student life schedule.

There are new events being added all the time so make sure to follow the Office of Student Life on MyPNWLife!

See the Student Life Calendar

Three students sit around a dorm room table and play UNO.

From card games with friends to campus-wide events, PNW is full of fun college experiences!

Get Your Game On!

Do you love video games like Apex Legends or Super Smash Bros? Are you a pro at pool? Or are you more comfortable showing your board game skills in the tabletop arena?

Any way you play, we’ve got the space for you! With two esports arenas, gamers can drop in and play a variety of video games.

If more traditional games are your speed, the Student Union Library Building (SULB) and the James B. Dworkin Student Services and Activities Complex (DSAC) have pool tables, ping pong and board games for you to make new friends and challenge the old ones.

These spaces are available throughout the day for you to play between classes or to wind down the day with friends once classes have ended!

The eSports arena is so much fun if you are into PC games, it's a great place to hang out before and after class if you have extra time!

Danny Sek, Criminal Justice, ’25

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Two students shake hands during a volleyball intramural

Intramural sports are one of the best ways to get involved on campus and meet your fellow Pride members!

Get Competitive with Intramurals!

Intramurals are much more than just some sporting leagues.

At PNW, intramurals include ghost hunting, baking and eating contests, archery, floor hockey, gardening, fishing, Uno and more! Intramurals provide opportunities to fill your evenings and weekends with competitive leagues or a singular afternoon with one-off events.

Open play days for lacrosse, disc golf, dodgeball and more are available each semester to learn a new game or gain some practice hours! Come out to make friends and have fun!

For questions or to sign up for an intramural, email Matt Dudzik.

See the Intramural Schedule

There are countless intramural sports here on campus that don't just include sports... It is a great way to de-stress and mingle as they are normally held in the after school hours.

Zebaneeka Washington, Biological Science, ’24

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Students sit at a table in the Hammond cafe

Our dining halls are here for you, whether you need a meal, a snack or just a coffee! They even provide the space for one of campus’s tasiest events – the Pancake Study Break!

Fuel Up!

Meet your friends in the tastiest spots on campus – our dining halls. Whether you’re in Hammond or Westville, your next meal or cup of coffee isn’t far!

Westville’s Gallery Café in the Library-Student-Faculty Building (LSF) has the snacks you need to make it through class along with some delicious meals if you are on campus all day. With a variety of specialty days, the Gallery Cafe’s menu always has something new!

The Hammond Campus features two dining options in the Pride Café in SULB and Leo’s Market in the Classroom Office Building (CLO). Both locations feature grab-and-go options while the Pride Café has ample space for you to settle in and share a meal with friends. The Pride Café features six distinct food stations and mobile preordering through the Order + Eat app!

Students in need can also receive food assistance from the PNW Food Pantry. The PNW Food Pantry is available to students on the Hammond and Westville campuses.

The upstairs weight area in the Dworkin building

PNW’s fitness centers provide students with free, state-of-the-art opportunities to stay fit.

Stay Fit with the Fitness Centers!

Whether you prefer free weights, exercise machines, or working out through dance, PNW’s fitness centers have you covered!

Students get in free and with flexible hours, you can get some reps in between classes or finish your day with a run around our indoor tracks!

Our regular classes include ab and core training tailored to several levels of fitness, dance workouts and more!

See More Fitness Center Information

Join a group of people active in a club similar to, if not within, your major. There is much needed community and support there.

Joshua Grady, Computer Engineering, ’25

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A cheerleader falls back into her group after being thrown up in the air.

Roar Pride! Students get in free to all of the PNW Pride’s home games.

Cheer on the Pride!

Whether you enjoy watching ice hockey, baseball, basketball, or a variety of other sports, the PNW Pride invites you to all of their home games!

Students get free entrance to all home games in Dowling Park and on campus! Special sporting events such as Late Night Madness and the Homecoming Sports Fest provide high-energy athletics showcases filled with giveaways, food and fun!

See the Athletics Schedule 

My favorite activities on campus include the Hispanic Heritage Month fest in the parking garage, COB Women’s Leadership Brunch, Late Night Madness, and Welcome Week.

Mary Buksa, Accounting, ’24

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A bench faces a body of water at Gabis Arboretum

Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest provides space for hiking and relaxation!

Hang Out Around Campus!

Both the Hammond and Westville campuses are home to large, grassy spaces that are perfect for relaxation and studying!

Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest in Valparaiso provides 300 acres of stunning prairie, display gardens, wetlands and miles of hiking trails for off-campus relaxation.

Looking to stay indoors? Student lounges, such as the Mane Zone and Multicultural Lounge in CLO, Calumet Falls in SULB or DSAC 1021 and the Student-Family Study Lounges in CLO and LSF provide plenty of space for meeting with friends or studying!

Prefer to relax through prayer or meditation? Our Prayer and Meditation room is available for all students, faculty and staff.