SGA Senate Meeting Minutes October 2, 2021

October 2, 2021

Sixth Session

I. Call to Order, Roll Call (2 minutes); Time: 07:30am


  • President Oriana White
  • Vice President Jake Dyrkacz
  • Chief of Staff Aneri Patel
  • CES Senator (H) Savannah Yamat
  • CES Senator (H) Mya Methner
  • CHESS Senator (H) Michael Edington
  • CON Senator (H) Mason Cook
  • COT Senator (W) Braden Regier
  • Honors College Senator (H) Megan Granados
  • Honors College Senator (W) Saige Addison
  • Graduate School Senator (H) Evan Fus


  • CHESS Senator at Large (W) Emily Feliciano
  • Faculty Advisor Dr. Richard Rupp

II. Approval of the Agenda (2 minutes)

A. CFO Cook proposes to add “Breast Cancer Pop-Up Event” to Added Business/Concerns
section of agenda

1. Motion: Senator Fus

2. Second: Senator Methner

3. Measure: Pass

B. Motion: Senator Regier

C. Second: Senator Methner

D. Measure: Pass

III. Approval of Minutes (2 minutes)

A. Motion: Senator Cook

B. Second: Senator Granados

C. Measure: Pass

IV. Executive Board (2 minutes per)

A. Oriana White, President

1. Town Halls

a) Oct. 13: The Future of PNW @ 3pm – 4pm, NILS 302

(1) Zoom is an option

b) Nov. 17: Setting and Respecting Boundaries @ 2:30pm – 3:30pm, TBD

c) 0.5 hours of outreach are available if a SGA member attends & participates and additional 0.5 hours are offered if they bring other students.

(1) 1 hour outreach hour is available in total

d) Stipends

(1) Paperwork is submitted, members will get paid bi-weekly

(2) Need to clock in through myPNW

(3) Senators need to clock in 2 hours per week

(4) Executive board members need to clock in 3 hours per week

2. Vaccine Clinic

a) Oct. 5 and Oct. 26 @ 8am – 4pm, NILS Lobby

B. Jake Dyrkacz, Vice President

1. Outreach Hours

a) Period 1 outreach went great, more details in further in the meeting

C. Aneri Patel, Chief of Staff

1. Executive Report

a) Executive board had a meeting and talked about the voting procedure and town halls.

2. Community Garden Volunteering

a) Community Garden volunteering on Oct. 1 @9am

b) Community Garden volunteering on Oct. 22 @9am

D. Megan Granados, President Pro-Tempore

1. Missing a Meeting

a) Email President Pro-Temp Granados 24 hours before the Senate meeting if you are missing a meeting, arriving late, or leaving early.

b) If an emergency within less than 24 hours of the meeting, please call President Pro-Temp Granados

c) Missing one meeting = 1 point, arriving late to a meeting = 0.5 points, leaving a meeting early = 0.5 points.

d) After accumulating 2 points, PPT Granados will discuss the absences with the SGA member.

E. Mason Cook, Chief Financial Officer

1. Monthly Update of Events Funds

a) $100 – Halloween (Trophies, gift cards, candy)

b) $100 – Game Nights

c) $1800 remaining

F. Dr. Richard Rupp, Faculty Advisor

V. Current Items (5 minutes per)

A. Halloween Fest

1. 10/28 4-6p Family Carnival, 7-9p Student Dance

a) CFO Cook got gift cards, trophies, and candy

b) Second part of the resolution did not come through

B. Game and Pizza Night

1. 10/19 Westville, 4-8p

a) DSAC 1021

2. 10/21 Hammond, 4-8p

a) NILS 306

C. Intercampus Shuttle

1. Cross-campus shuttle: meeting with VC Turner on Oct. 19 @ 2:30pm – 3:30pm

a) Not an SGA initiative as it is not a resolution

(1) Events are not SGA approved if not in the form of a resolution

VI. Confirmation of Chair Positions of Committees (5 minutes)

A. Rules and Internal Affairs Committee: President Pro-Tempore Granados

B. Budget Committee: Chief Financial Officer Cook

C. University Policy Committee: Senator Addison

D. Academic Affairs Committee: Senator Addison

E. University Affairs: Vice President Dyrkacz

F. Residential Life Committee: President Pro-Tempore Granados

G. Student Service Committee: Senator Methner

H. Elections and Programming Committee: Chief of Staff Patel

I. Appeals Committee: Advisor Dr. Rupp

J. Bylaws Committee: Vice President Dyrkacz

K. Director of Communication Committee: Senator Methner

VII. Reports of Senate Standing Committees (2 minutes per)

A. Rules and Internal Affairs Committee, President Pro-Tempore Granados

1. Has not met, will meet on a as needed basis

B. Budget Committee, Chief Financial Officer Cook

1. CFO Cook and Senator Regier met to create a budget spreadsheet

a) Would like to see more resolutions to be passed

2. Budget is around $1000 per semester

C. University Policy Committee, Senator Addison

1. Has not met

D. Academic Affairs Committee, Senator Addison

1. Has not met

E. University Affairs, Vice President Dyrkacz

1. Chose the chair among the committee

F. Residential Life Committee, President Pro-Tempore Granados

1. Has not met, will meet on a as needed basis

G. Student Service Committee, Senator Methner

1. Determined the chair, will meet later on in the semester

H. Elections and Programming Committee, Chief of Staff Patel

1. Has not met, will meet on a as needed basis

I. Appeals Committee, Advisor Dr. Rupp

1. Has not met, will meet on a as needed basis

J. Bylaws Committee, Vice President Dyrkacz

1. Created a timeline

2. Currently researching existing/comparable by-laws

K. Director of Communication Committee, Senator Methner

1. Everyone needs to send headshots and bios for the website

2. Will meet after the Senate meeting for procedure

3. Will do Instagram updates and look over flyers

VIII. Outreach Hours Reports (3 minutes per Senator)

A. Senator Regier

1. Good descriptions

2. Aim closer to 2 hours a week, get more student organization engagement

B. Senator Fus

1. Good job getting 2 hours a week

2. Would like to see more resolutions

C. Senator Addison

1. Good descriptions and getting 2 hours a week

D. Senator Yamat

1. Good details and open forum planning

2. Would like to see more resolutions

E. Chief Financial Officer Cook

1. Good interaction within college and good details

2. Try to get 3 hours a week

F. President Pro-Tempore Granados

1. Good details and Honors College engagement

2. Try to maintain 3 hours per week

G. Senator Feliciano

1. Absent

H. Senator Edington

1. Good job getting 2 hours a week and making connections

2. Would like to see more details and names in descriptions

I. Senator Methner

1. Good descriptions and working on open forum

2. Refer to names when mentioning resolutions

IX. Added Business/Concerns (5 minutes per)

A. Breast Cancer Pop-Up Event (partnership with 5-75 and Institutional Advancement)

1. 2 days on both campuses

a) Hammond: Oct. 18 and Oct. 19

b) Westville: Oct. 20 and Oct. 21

2. Students will get goodie bag with candy and bracelet

3. As Institutional Advancement is sponsoring, no money is used

4. More info to come from CFO Cook

5. Will count for outreach hours but is not mandatory for members to participate in handing bags out

X. Open Comments from the Dean of Students (5 minutes per)

A. None

XI. Open Comments from the Student Body (5 minutes per)

A. None

XII. Open Comments from Student Senate (5 minutes per)

A. Senator Fus: will be surveying Westville for Christmas Tree event

B. Senator Methner: needs headshots before Oct. 22

C. Senator Yamat: working on possibly created a little free library in the SGA offices

1. Work with PPT Granados to have a table at the welcome rally to collect books

D. Meetings will be shorter to allow committee to meet

XIII. Meeting Adjourned (1 minute); Time: 08:17am

A. Motion: Senator Edington

B. Second: Senator Cook

C. Measure: Pass