SGA Senate Meeting Minutes October 23, 2021

October 23, 2021

Sixth Session

I. Call to Order, Roll Call (2 minutes); Time: 7:30 a.m.


  • President Oriana White
  • Vice President Jake Dyrkacz
  • Faculty Advisor Dr. Richard Rupp
  • CES Senator (H) Savannah Yamat
  • CES Senator (H) Mya Methner
  • CHESS Senator (H) Michael Edington
  • CON Senator (H) Mason Cook
  • COT Senator (W) Braden Regier
  • COB Senator (H) Leo Winders
  • Honors College Senator (W) Saige Addison
  • Graduate School Senator (H) Evan Fus


  • CHESS Senator at Large (W) Emily Feliciano
  • Honors College Senator (H) Megan Granados

II. Approval of the Agenda (2 minutes)

A. Motion: Senator Methner

B. Second: Senator Addison

C. Measure: Pass

III. Approval of Minutes (1 minute)

A. Motion: Senator Edington

B. Second: Senator Regier

C. Measure: Pass

IV. Executive Board (2 minutes per)

A. Oriana White, President

1. Spring Semester Schedule 11/10

a) Get schedules in before 11/10 for a gift

B. Jake Dyrkacz, Vice President

1. Keep in mind that the 2nd period ends on November 1st

2. Thank you for the awesome turn on at the Pizza and Game Night

C. Aneri Patel, Chief of Staff

1. Absent

2. Community Garden Update

a) Next community garden will be on November 5th

D. Megan Granados, President Pro-Tempore

1. Absent

E. Mason Cook, Chief Financial Officer

1. Breast Cancer Pop-Up event went well

F. Dr. Richard Rupp, Faculty Advisor

1. Radio show on sustainability

2. Send him information to make a point on PNW radio show today

V. Interviews (30 minutes)

A. College of Business Hammond Senator Position

1. Candidate: Leo Winders, Criminal Justice Major

M.G. M.C. M.M. S.Y. E.Fl. M.E. E.Fu. B.R. S.A.

Vote     A      Y       Y       Y     A      Y      Y       Y      Y

B. Senator Winders is voted into the Senate as the College of Business Hammond Senator.

VI. Event Overview (3 minutes per)

A. Breast Cancer Pop-Up Event

1. 140 bags were made with bracelets, cards, and Hershey’s kisses.

2. Hammond Campus: CFO Cook and COS Patel ran the event

3. Westville Campus: President White ran the event

a) Noticed that a lot of student saw the email

B. Game and Pizza Night

1. Event went very well

2. Attendance: 25 Westville students and 45 Hammond students

3. Pizza: 2 for Westville and 4 for Hammond

4. Did have technical difficulties

5. Pizza ran out quickly

6. May hold event monthly — could collaborate with student organizations to share the costs

7. Consider having more physical games for the next game night and two JackBox games running

8. Huge help from President White, CFO Cook, and Senator Methner

a) For the future, reserve rooms at least 2 weeks in advance and send out information in advance as well

b) Asking for help is the key to success

VII. Current Items (5 minutes per)

A. Halloween Bash

1. Thursday, October 28th in the Alumni Hall

a) 4pm-6pm is the family party

b) 7pm-9pm is the dance

2. Sign-up sheet for volunteering will come out soon

a) Volunteering shifts: 3:30pm-7pm and 7pm-9-m

3. Costume Contest

a) Judging: 7pm-7:30pm

b) Announcement of winners: 8pm

4. Contact Senator Methner for further information/to help out

VIII. Added Business/Concerns (5 minutes per)

A. None

IX. Open Comments from the Dean of Students (5 minutes per)

A. None

X. Open Comments from the Student Body (5 minutes per)

A. Daniel Gekeyee: International student, very appreciative of PNW, and enjoys PNW

XI. Open Comments from Student Senate (5 minutes per)

A. Senator Methner

1. Cram Jam: if anyone is interested, please reach out to Senator Methner. Files are in the drive and Senator Methner can reach out to the Humane Society

2. Headshots and Bios are due by Sunday, October 24 at midnight

B. Senator Fus

1. Holiday wishes near the NILS building, will be surveying at the Westville campus soon

C. Senator Yamat

XII. Meeting Adjourned (1 minute); Time: 8:10am

A. Motion: Senator Fus

B. Second: Senator Addison

C. Measure: Pass