SGA Senate Meeting Minutes January 28, 2022

January 28, 2022

Sixth Session

I. Call to Order, Roll Call (2 minutes); Time: 4:34 p.m.


  • President Oriana White
  • Vice President Megan Granados
  • Chief of Staff Aneri Patel
  • Dean of Students Dr. Colin Fewer
  • CHESS Senator (H) Emily Feliciano
  • CES Senator (H) Savannah Yamat
  • CES Senator (W) Mya Methner
  • CON Senator (H) Mason Cook
  • COT Senator (W) Braden Regier
  • COB Senator (H) Leo Winders
  • Honors College Senator (H) David Bolton
  • Honors College Senator (W) Saige Addison
  • Graduate Studies Senator (W) Daniel Gyekye

II. Approval of the Agenda (2 minutes)

A. Motion: Senator Bolton

B. Second: Senator Cook

C. Measure: Pass

III. Approval of Minutes (1 minute)

A. Motion: Senator Methner

B. Second: Senator Winders

C. Measure: Pass

IV. Executive Board (2 minutes per)

A. Oriana White, President

1. Chancellor Benchmarking

a) Chancellor Keon asked SGA to benchmark other universities’student spaces such as lounges, prayer rooms, etc.

2. Vaccine Clinic

a) Last vaccine clinic

b) January 31st @8am – 4pm

c) Opportunity for outreach hours

B. Megan Granados, Vice President

1. House of Representatives

a) First meeting took place Wednesday night had 18 participants

b) Brainstorming (great ideas were generated)

2. Multicultural Lounge

a) Will take place February 3rd @2pm – 3pm

C. Aneri Patel, Chief of Staff

1. Executive Board Report

a) Black History Month (fundraisers, activities)

b) March 4th meeting will take place on zoom

(1) E-Board will be at Founder’s Day

c) House of Representatives

d) Resource Fair

e) Multicultural Lounge

2. Trans Equity Updates

a) Survey is publish

b) So far, 11 responses

c) Email will go out next week

d) QR code will be on doors

D. Mya Methner, President Pro-Tempore

1. Outreach opportunities

a) Lots of HOCO events in February

E. Mason Cook, Chief Financial Officer

1. Budget Update

a) $645 for the semester

2. Webclock Update

a) Changing the system – no need to clock in anymore

b) Financial department will look over hours

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! Please send the title of your favorite movie to PPT Methner via groupme message!

F. Dr. Richard Rupp, Faculty Advisor (not present)

1. Statehouse Update

a) March 3rd in Indianapolis

b) Matt Wells is helping with the planning

c) Find out who’s interested

d) More information to come

G. Dr. Colin Fewer, Dean of Students

1. Back History Month Calendar is coming out soon (help promote!)

2. Roll skate party

3. Multicultural lounge events

4. Black Excellence lunch

5. African American focused fraternities and sororities

V. Legislative Items (10 minutes per)

A. S.R. 21-11 Black History Month Bash

1. February 19th from 6pm to 12am

2. Help would be greatly appreciated

3. $300 requested

4. Vote on: Amending the location to SULB Concourse

5. Motion: Senator Methner

6. Second: Senator Bolton

7. Measure: Pass

M.C. M.M. S.Y. E.F. L.W. B.R. S.A. D.G. D.B.

Vote     Y      Y       Y     Y     Y      Y      Y     Y      Y

8. The change of the location passes.

9. Vote on: S.R. 21-11

10. Motion: Senator Bolton

11. Second: Senator Addison

12. Measure: Pass

M.C. M.M. S.Y. E.F. L.W. B.R. S.A. D.G. D.B.

Vote     Y      Y       Y    Y      Y      Y     Y      Y      Y

13. S.R. 21-11 passes.

B. S.R. 21-12 Author Signing

1. Event on March 3rd

2. No money required

3. Vote on: S.R. 21-12

4. Motion: Senator Methner

5. Second: Senator Feliciano

6. Measure: Pass

M.C. M.M. S.Y. E.F. L.W. B.R. S.A. D.G. D.B.

Vote    Y       Y       Y     Y     Y      Y     Y       Y     Y

7. S.R. 21-12 passes.

VI. Current Items (3 minutes per)

A. HOCO 2022 Collab

1. Meeting with Brooke Wednesday to finalize details (5pm)

2. Supply list is sent in

3. Spirit week is starting on Monday, Jan. 31st

VII. Added Business/Concerns (5 minutes per)

A. None

VIII. Open Comments from the Student Senate (5 minutes per)

A. Senator Cook: ready to come back on campus?

B. Last zoom meeting, next meeting will be in person

C. March 4th meeting → zoom but rest are in person

D. Senator Addison: contact Dr. Colucci to sit in on student appeals

E. Start doing committee meetings

F. Senator Gyekye: question regarding election

IX. Open Comments from Student Body (5 minutes per)

A. Question about Web Clock system

X. Meeting Adjourned (1 minute); Time: 5:06pm

A. Motion: Senator Bolton

B. Second: Senator Cook

C. Measure: Pass