SGA Senate Meeting Minutes March 11, 2022

March 11, 2022

Sixth Session

I. Call to Order, Roll Call (2 minutes); Time: 4:32 p.m.


  • President Oriana White
  • Chief of Staff Aneri Patel
  • Faculty Advisor Dr. Richard Rupp
  • CHESS Senator (H) Emily Feliciano
  • CES Senator (H) Savannah Yamat
  • CES Senator (W) Mya Methner
  • CON Senator (H) Mason Cook
  • Honors College Senator (H) David Bolton
  • Honors College Senator (W) Saige Addison
  • Graduate Studies Senator (W) Daniel Gyekye


  • Vice President Megan Granados
  • COB Senator (H) Leo Winders

II. Approval of the Agenda (2 minutes)

A. Motion: Senator Bolton

B. Second: Senator Addison

C. Measure: Pass

III. Approval of Minutes (1 minute)

A. Motion: Senator Addison

B. Second: Senator Bolton

C. Measure: Pass

IV. Executive Board (2 minutes per)

A. Oriana White, President

1. House of Representatives Fair 11am-1pm

a) March 29th Westville

b) March 30th Hammond

(1) Clubs are more than welcome to join

(2) Senators cannot be in the House of Representatives or work the tables.

(3) You can attend on behalf of your organizations is welcome, it will not count as outreach hours

c) Kahlo Karnival

(1) March 25th (5pm -7:30pm): outreach hours

(2) 2/8 hours do need to be from your respective college

B. Aneri Patel, Chief of Staff

1. Executive Report

a) Executive Board discussed the following: House of Representatives Fair, attendance for this meeting, elections update, and the transition of powers meeting

2. Candidate Forums

a) Monday, March 21st @6pm

b) Friday, March 25th @12pm

(1) Both will be held virtually via zoom

C. Mya Methner, President Pro-Tempore

D. Mason Cook, Chief Financial Officer

1. Budget Update

a) 5/75 funding is approved and will be added back to the account

b) $345 is the current budget

E. Dr. Richard Rupp, Faculty Advisor

1. Thank you for attending the Statehouse – it was very successful

a) Met with 2 state representatives

b) Members of SGA did outstandingly!

2. Thank you to Chief of Staff Patel for attending WJOB on Thursday

3. Thank you to Chief Financial Officer Cook for an amazing job on SAC

F. Dr. Colin Fewer, Dean of Students

1. Not present

V. Legislative Business (10 minutes per)

A. None

VI. Current Items (3 minutes per)

A. Student Concerns Table

1. Approval for tabling has been obtained

2. Flyers and information has been sent out through Student Life

3. Members can volunteer for outreach hours

VII. Event Overview (2 minutes per)

A. Author Book Signing

1. Went well, Senator Cook could not attend

VIII. Added Business/Concerns (5 minutes per)

A. None

IX. Open Comments from the Student Senate (5 minutes per)

A. Senator Addison: met with Brooke for the Yard Party (details to come)

1. Resolution to come

B. Senator Addison: “What the Hill” funding is approved

1. Slip and Slide event, would have to work out all of the logistics

C. Senator Bolton: working with BSU for starting a multicultural student union

D. Senator Methner: CRAM Jam & Paws to DeStress are coming up and if anyone is interested in, please reach out

E. Candidate Forum: who are the candidates and what are the positions they are running for?

F. Statehouse: did a tour, got to see a committee in session, had lunch, and attended session. Overall, great experience!

G. PNW Fight Song: make it more hip-hop and cool (Dr. Fewer proposed)

1. Senator Feliciano has ideas!

H. The next three meetings will be in person

X. Open Comments from Student Body (5 minutes per)

A. None

XI. Meeting Adjourned (1 minute); Time: 5:11pm

A. Motion: Senator Cook

B. Second: Senator Addison

C. Measure: Pass