SGA Minutes November 3, 2023

November 3, 2023

Eighth Session

I. Call to Order at 2:16 p.m.

II. Roll Call (2 minutes)


  1. President: Bolton – NP
  2. Vice President: Belford – P
  3. Chief of Staff: Marcano – P
  4. President Pro Temp: Buggs – P
  5. Chief Financial Advisor: Aujla – P
  6. Director of Comm: Reyes – P
  7. CEST Senator H: Harvey – P
  8. CON Senator H: Elizondo – P
  9. COB Senator: Vickers – P
  10. CHESS Senator: Almanza – NP
  11. CHESS Senator: Lowe – P
  12. HONORS College Senator: Pabey – P
  13. Advisor: Rupp – NP
  14. Advisor: Raven Chant – P

III. Approval of the Agenda (2 minutes)

  1. Vice President Belford Moves
  2. Senator Pabey seconds
  3. Motion carried

IV.  Approval of Minutes (1 minute)

  1. Vice President Belford Moves
  2. Senator Elizondo seconds
  3. Motion carried

V. Executive Board (15 minutes)

  1. David Bolton, President
  2. Chloe Belford, Vice President
    1.  ASL Update
      • Talked with Pamela. Had a chat – next steps is for students to make an appeal. Appeal is being made by a student in the ASL class
    2. Photos and Bios
      • Send photos and bios so we can upload them to the SGA page on the website. Needed ASAP
    3. Student Survey/Drop Box
      1. Looking into creating a student survey to share with deans of colleges to send to students. We will be abel to see what issues on campus
      2. Wants to add a Drop box outside the SGA office for students to leave their concerns. Can potentially increase responses from the student body.
  3. Harbir Aujla, Chief Financial Officer
    1. Event overview for the week
      1. Environmental Tabling
        • Total was $196. After this, our total budget is now $2,300
    2. Extra SSF funds
      • An additional $595 was given to us. as been allocated to the Senate payroll account
  4. Joshua Buggs, Pro-Tempore
  5. Advisor Raven Chant
    • Thank you to everyone that added your outreach hours. If you have not already then please do so. Enter on time so we can start on time.
  6. Richard Rupp, Faculty Advisor
  7. Scott Iverson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Housing and Student Life

VI. Swear in for Director of Communications Reyes and Senator Lowe

VII. Resoltuions

  1. S.R. 23-11 – Housing Energy Competition
  2. S.R. 23-11 – Housing Energy Competition
  3. S.R. 23-02 – Senator Harvey’s Quote of the Week
    • The first quote of the week was published on Instagram last week.
  4. S.R. 23-03 – Supplemental Instruction Audit
    • No one has specifically asked them nor have gone to the tutoring. It is a lack of want from the students. A survey will be sent out to students regarding this.
  5. S.R. 23-04 – Student Service Fund Allocation Audit
    • In the process of putting together the committee for the year. Once together, this will be looked into.
  6. S.R. 23-05 – Hammond Local Transportation
    • Recently put in contact with a person at the Gary public transportation. Meeting with Vice Chancellor DePew to look into this matter.
  7. S.R. 23-09 – Halloween Sustainability Table
    • A lot of student engagement. Not many students took the survey as it was not ideal to scan the QR code. Had sustainability questions that many students got correct. Hoping to talk about tabling again.
  8. S.R. 13-10 – Winter Wonderland Ball
    • Speaking with Brooke last meeting got to brainstorm what to do for this event as we are now in the month of November. Speaking with CFO Aujla soon to see where we can divide up money for the event.

VIII. Added Business / Concerns (5 minutes per)

  1. Sustainability Tabling
    • The week after Thanksgiving/ last week of November. The idea is to do a Holiday sustainability tabling to teach students about how to be sustainable during the holidays. Tabling will be on a tentative date for November 28th.
      1. Possible groupchat to be made for the sustainability committee.

IX. Open Comments from Student Senate (5 minutes per)

    1. CFO Aujla received an email about the First Gen College Celebration that begins Monday.
    2. Two weeks ago, five members went to the different workshops at the ASGA conference. All information that was gather can be put into a presentation that can be shared next meeting.
      • CFO Aujla will work with others to create the presentation

X. Open Comments from Student Body (5 minutes per)

XI. Meeting Adjourned

  1. Vice President Belford moves
  2. Senator Vickers seconds
  3. Motion carried
  4. Meeting adjourned at 3:14pm on November 3rd, 2023