SGA Minutes November 17, 2023

November 17, 2023

Eighth Session

I. Call to Order

  1. Senator Pabey motions to call to order at 2:12pm
  2. Senator Elizondo seconds
  3. Motion moves

II. Roll Call (2 minutes)


  1. President: Bolton – P
  2. Vice President: Belford – P
  3. Chief of Staff: Marcano – P
  4. President Pro Temp: Buggs – P
  5. Chief Financial Advisor: Aujla – P
  6. Director of Comm: Reyes – P
  7. CEST Senator H: Harvey – P
  8. CON Senator H: Elizondo – P
  9. COB Senator: Vickers – NP
  10. CHESS Senator: Almanza – P
  11. CHESS Senator: Lowe – P
  12. HONORS College Senator: Pabey – P
  13. Advisor: Rupp – NP
  14. Advisor: Raven Chant – P

III. Approval of the Agenda (2 minutes)

  1. Vice President Belford Moves
  2. Senator Elizondo Seconds
  3. Motion move

IV. Approval of Minutes (1 minute)

  1. Vice President Belford Moves
  2. Senator Pabey Seconds
  3. Motion move

V. Executive Board (15 minutes per)

  1. David Bolton, President
    1. Committees
      1. A reminder that committees have to meet.
      2. At least three members per committee.
      3. If a chair is not voted on yet, please vote to have a chair by the end of the semester.
    2. Chancellor search
      1. Moving along well.
      2. Three candidates are in the final running.
        • Waiting on President Mung to decide
    3. Tabling (next semester)
      1. Reinstating student concerns table
        • 3-4 hours to have members
        • Good way to communicate with student body through student concerns
  2. Chloe Belford, Vice President
    1. ASL Update
      • Still speaking with Makaela about creating an Appeal.
    2. Photos and Bios
      • Send photos and bios so we can upload them to the SGA page on the website. Needed ASAP
    3. Student Survey/Drop Box
      1. I am making the Student Survey
        • If you have questions wanting to be implemented please send them.
      2. I am looking into getting a Dropbox installed
        • Speak with Karen Sullivan
      3. Different ways to get student concerns
        • Dropbox
        • Email
        • Tabling
        • QR code (have it as anonymous)
  3. Harbir Aujla, Chief Financial Officer
    1. Budget committee met
      1. Looked at the current expenses for the remaining Fall semester events
        • ~ $1,300 for Spring events
  4. Joshua Buggs, Pro-Tempore
    1. Special Interest positions (Veteran Senator)
      1. Giving veterans/veteran children/parents a voice on campus
        • Brings more knowledge and experiences
          • Operations and risk management
      2. Necessary to earn the Purple Star program
        • Veteran friendly campus
        • Brings in more veterans to the school
      3. Would need further approval outside of the meetings
  5. Vivi Reyes, Director of Communications
    1. Social Media content
      • Good engagement on posts
  6. Advisor Raven Chant
    1. Still have ~9 business days to get outreach hours
    2. If you have not met with your committee in the next week and a half then do so.
      • Please reach out if you do not understand what to meet about
  7. Richard Rupp, Faculty Advisor
  8. Scott Iverson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Housing and Student Life
    1. Signing Day in Westville on 11/29, Hammond on 11/30
    2. Pancake Study break 12/4
      • Westville is 12 pm – 2 pm
      • Hammond 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
    3. Basket games on 12/7 and 12/9
      • Pajama theme for the student section

VI. Swear in for Senator Almanza

VII. Resolutions

  1. S.R. 23-12 – Cram Jam
    1. A study event for the semester on both Hammond and Westville campuses
      1. The budget is $300 in total
      2. December 5th – 6th
        1. Westville 12/5
          • Outside of Dean’s office
        2. Hammond 12/6
          • Outside of Mane Zone
  2. R. 23-13 – SGA Banners

VIII. Current items (3 minutes per)

  1. S.R. 23-02 – Senator Harvey’s Quote of the Week
    1. The first quote has been completed and posted.
    2. The second will hopefully be going out next week.
  2. S.R. 23-03 – Supplemental Instruction Audit
    1. The primary issue is the lack of proof of the need for it.
    2. A survey is in the process of being made to have proof of need
  3. S.R. 23-04 – Student Service Fund Allocation Audit
    1. Members for the SSF committee have been selected
    2. More on this by next meeting
  4. S.R. 23-05 – Hammond Local Transportation
    1. A bus will drive past 173rd for students
    2. Working on getting a 30-minute turn-around time rather than the 1-hour
    3. Talking to Chief Miller on the safety of transportation
  5. S.R. 13-10 – Pajama Jam
    1. Snacks have been planned out
    2. Reserved room 301 for coat check

IX. Added Business / Concerns (5 minutes per)

  1. Sustainability Tabling
    • The week after Thanksgiving/ last week of November. The idea is to do a Holiday sustainability tabling to teach students about how to be sustainable during the holidays. Tabling will be on a tentative date of November 28th.
      • Possible group chat to be made for the sustainability committee.
  2. ASGA Presentation (18 slides)

X. Open Comments from Student Senate (5 minutes per)

XI. Open Comments from Student Body (5 minutes per)

XII. Meeting Adjourned

  1. Senator Pabey Moves
  2. Vice Pabey Seconds
  3. Meeting adjourned at 4:07 pm