We are dedicated to providing reliable, comprehensive compensation and payroll-related services to faculty, staff and students. Our experts are committed to accurate and timely payroll processing adhering to federal, state and university regulations.


Flexible Work Agreement
Use this form for documenting position scheduling activities lasting more than two work weeks.

Flexible Work Guidelines
Learn about assessing your options for remote or flexible work, understand the responsibilities associated with working remotely, review the remote worker toolkit or access the manager guide.

PNW Remote Work Guidelines and Employee Acknowledgement
Employees working remotely must complete this form each Academic Year and obtain supervisor approval.

University Property Loan Agreement
Use this form to document University resources being used at a remote location.

Career Path Maker
Easily view additional information for each job by career stream and level in the job family structure.

Access pay statements, request time off, search open positions, and manage performance assessments.

Access Webclock using your mobile device or computer to record hours worked for students and temporary employees.

Calendar of Pay Dates
See the pay cycle and calendars for employees throughout the PNW system.

Extra Duty Pay Form
Access the official form for submitting for extra duty.

Online W-2 Access (ADP)
See instructions for requesting a digital W-2 form.

Purdue University 100-R Personnel Report
Access financial transparency details for Purdue University.

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